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Are you looking for an easier way to get food on the table tonight?

While many food delivery services connect you to a large directory of single restaurant menus, but you can only choose one location, which can make it hard to choose a restaurant that everyone likes.

The SCV Hub is changing the way you get your food delivered. Our local food hall will have up to 18+ restaurants all in the same place to serve you many, diverse options that can be added together! Here’s how it works:


Visit Our Website

The first step in placing an order with The SCV Hub is to visit our website on mobile or desktop. You’ll be able to browse through all of our available restaurants and start planning a culinary experience that everyone will love.


Mix & Match Meals From 18+ Kitchens

Now this is the fun part! Everyone in the family will get to choose exactly what they want! There are independent and real restaurants that are cooking directly within The SCV Hub and you can choose from as many as you want in one single order, and then have it curated for one delivery or ready for pick up!


Have It Delivered or Come into Our lobby for Pickup

Are you ready to place your order but you can’t leave the house? Or would you rather pick it up yourself and save on some of the extra delivery charges? With The SCV Hub, you can do whatever works best for you! Once you’ve decided what you and your family want to eat, you can choose to have your meal delivered or ready for pickup.


Enjoy Your Meal & Order Again!

Once you’ve received your order, it’s simply time to enjoy your meal! With The SCV Hub, everyone gets exactly what they want to eat without having to place multiple orders with multiple restaurants. You’ll never want to order food delivery from any other service again!

What are you waiting for? Get your next meal from The SCV Hub by placing your order today!

Place An Order Today!

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